Tuesday, June 10, 2008



SALAD MIX PHILIPPINES proudly introduces our SALAD MIX CHICKEN FRUIT TROPICAL, the perfectly delicious gourmet salad food for home/office parties. It complements with main course ala carte and is versatile enough to be served as a supreme dessert specialty.

It fully complements as a side dish to your favorite rice meals, such as fried-chicken, barbeque, seafood, pastas and is satisfying enough to be a main dish by itself, and as a delicious snack filling on bread

SALAD MIX CHICKEN FRUIT TROPICAL is a complete pasta macaroni-based salad meal mixed with healthy diced fruits and premium tender chicken meat in a delectable unique blend of spices that will surely pleased the gourmet palate.

Try SALAD MIX today, available now in two sizes. Special multiple (more than 4) orders for PARTY PACK must be confirmed one day in advance to ensure prompt delivery.

SALAD MIX GOURMET is available in two varieties:


FAMILY PACK (Good for 4 Persons) at P400.00

PARTY PACK (For 12 Persons) at P1,200.00

What customers say after one serving of our Salad Mix Gourmet:

"As the Philippine CEO of a London based financial investment consultancy, we frequently hosts lunch and dinner banquets for visiting British clients, corporate directors and friends in our Forbes Park home. One of the highlights of these banquets is the serving of the chicken fruit tropical salad as an appetizer and entree to the main course. My Filipina wife makes it a point to ensure serving two party packs (good for 24 servings) to a guest list of around 12 diners since we notice that one serving usually is not enough to satisfy them. The best compliment we get after the meal is your wife prepares what could probably be one of the world's best salad we've ever tasted. Of course that is one of our best kept secret between her and me."

"I'm a gourmet cook myself and the only time I would get to savor this fabulous salad is at my brother-in-law's Birthday/Christmas party. So when he gave me a family pack as a Christmas gift, I discreetly kept it in my personal fridge in my bedroom and would consume it by myself not sharing it with anyone. I definitely knew how good it is, so I secretly feasted on it for as long as it lasted." 

"This delectably tasty salad is so good, that when I started to taste a cup, I ended up eating half the bowl. It's perfect for quick snack, lunch, dinner or even as a fancy dessert. It's filling, satisfying and exquisitely delicious that leaves your taste buds wanting for more."  

"I'm not much of a salad person but when I tasted their delicious chicken fruit tropical, I ended up asking for another serving. The taste is so delectable, you can match and mix with other party foods and still end up wanting to take out an order for your kids."

"I know how good their salads are, only thing is they only serve this during the holidays such as birthdays, Christmas, family gatherings and office parties. I told them that if they were to make this full time, I'd definitely buy from them on a weekly basis. Now our office lunches are incomplete without a serving of their delicious salad mix. We had them deliver to us three times a week and we look forward to our salad snack meriendas with this as our main and only course."

"I served this salad as a dessert item in our office birthday party. When one of my top suppliers came in to dine, they ended up asking me to allow them to take home one of the three party packs that was laid out on the table. And the next day, his wife called me up asking the number of my friend who prepared it as she wanted to order it for their Bosses' birthday party."

"I'm from New York. When I came home last Christmas, my sister attended this wedding party where I saw this salad on the buffet table. I started eating a small cup thinking it was just an appetizer but I ended putting more of it on my dinner plate as it was so delicious it was good enough to be my main course. Since then, every time I return to the Philippines, I make it a point to order and stock some on our fridge since I never found a gourmet salad this good even when I'm in New York dining out in fancy restaurants."

"It's been a Thanksgiving family tradition to serve salad as appetizers before the main meal of roast turkey. When I visited my son-in-law in Manila, I was able to savor this tasty gourmet salad which was served as dinner appetizers for the family. That was one Thanksgiving dinner to remember."

"As a 5 star luxury hotel chef, I'd give it a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. If you brought this salad to New York, this will be the toast of the town. My wife received a bowl of this supreme salad as a birthday present from our neighbor who lives within the building. After we feasted on it, I had to ask the giver, the name of the shop from whom she ordered it. It turns out, the salad was a traditional family dish which only her mother has been serving for three generations."


FAMILY PACK (Good for 4 Persons) at P 400.00
PARTY PACK (Good for 12 Persons) at P1,200.00

For delivery orders please text SALAD MIX FAMILY PACK OR PARTY PACK with your name, address, contact confirmation number to 0917-9260300 or phone 6594919.

Please allow three (3) hours pre-order time prior to actual pick-up/delivery to ensure stock availability and freshness in preparation, since we only prepare salads based on confirmed orders. Orders are initially available in Makati and within Metro Manila, Philippines only.